Already 180 registered participants to "which Sustainable Future for Plastic"

  • Posted on: 7 March 2019
  • By: Thibaut Georgin

Experts from different countries -Spain, US, France, Lituanya, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and.... Belgium will be present on March 21st in Mons.

Delegates and speakers from Carbios, Corbion, Total, Carbiolyce, Suez, Decathlon, Danone, Exki, Artilux, Sabert, PlasticEurope, Serviplast, Spadel, Solvay, Vallipac, Fostplus, ZeroWaste, Princeweiss...

Academic and researchers from Fraunhofer institute, KTH royal institute of Technology, Michigan state University, ULB, Universitad Alicante, UMons, University of the Basque country, Synera, Université de Lille, Ghent University...