Our mission

Accelerate the economic transition towards a sustainable business model.


What is SEA ?

The aim of SEA is to accelerate the economic transition towards a sustainable business model and to demonstrate that this approach generates enhanced value as well as profit.


SEA is a non profit association, totally independent of any kind of lobby, political trend or corporation.

Who is SEA ?

The members of SEA are managers or experts. They are active in the business in Belgium and in Europe.


Government and private companies provide their support to the association in the framework of its mission and activities.

What SEA is not

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Just another pretext for networking between managers

Why SEA ?

Sustainability imposes itself to companies when developing their strategy and their business model. 4 reasons for that :

  • Increasing rarity of raw materials.
  • Continuous cost increase for energy, logistics, mobility, …
  • Increased regulation, public incentives and penalties.
  • Sustainability becomes an increasingly important purchase criteria for their customers.

Companies that integrate sustainability into their core decision-making processes are able to create new sources of value and to enhance their profitability, ensuring their future in this changing world.


SEA in action

SEA wants to accelerate the economic transition towards a sustainable model :

  • by offering inspiring success-stories and best practices of sustainable entrepreneurship that will contribute to eliminate prejudices and that will generate a "domino effect".
  • by providing tools and techniques to start successfully the sustainable transformation of a company.
  • by providing a platform where sustainable business projects and opportunities can be discussed and initiated (innovation, new markets, cost savings,...).


Concrete actions

  • Thematic lectures and workshops.
  • A yearly seminar endorsed by emblematic personalities and key business organizations highlighting striking cases in sustainable economy.
  • Training sessions.
  • Yearbook with names and contact data of people and companies willing to support each other in reflexion and to translate this reflexion into action.